It’s all about loving yourself!

A warm welcome to all my lovely readers!My name is Nirmal(means Pure) and I am so excited and thrilled to share my blog with all of you!!

I was born in Indore, India and I am currently living in California! Bay area is my second home after my native place in India. I truly love living here and it is just an amazing place. I am a software engineer by profession and love to explore!

The inspiration for my blog comes from just 2 amazing words “love yourself!”. This blog journey is my way to love myself and I hope all you angels will be a part of this wonderful journey!

This blog is my journey of exploring different Style Mantras so that everyone can look amazingly Chic! I truly believe in finding affordable styling options be it fashion/beauty or anything else in general. I believe that Style is everything! I will be sharing fun pics of my journey with all my lovely readers and hope that you all will join me in this exploration!

Thanks again for visiting my blog and I am so thankful of your support! Always remember to Love yourself! XOXO!

With Love,

Chic Style Mantra!

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